Please Pivot!

Ever have someone say to you “What are you going to do if THIS happens?”

Well, THIS has happened at many events in my 18 year professional DJ career. Please understand that THIS doesn’t always mean a negative thing. At a recent wedding reception, the Groom decided to move the outdoor wedding ceremony to an indoor location 5 minutes before the start time…with everyone seated.

The lead wedding planner says to me “There is a threat of rain and we need to move fast.” Electronic equipment and water traditionally have not a good relationship. Time to PIVOT!! I grabbed two guests and asked them politely to help me move. Within 10 minutes, the ceremony commenced and the rain came pouring down. Great intuition by the groom. He made his first GREAT decision of his married life.

The indoor location already had the main DJ setup for the evening. What made the transition smooth is that I had three back up wedding playlists. On my phone, kindle and a created Serato folder was the same lineup of ceremony songs. I create 3 for every wedding in case THIS happens.

Pivoting can also be used when trying to fill the dance floor, adjusting timeline for those long (and I mean REAL LONG) speeches or even excusing tables on the fly for dinner. It is a critical aspect of what I (the DJ) does to facilitate a smooth flowing event.

So, before you hire your DJ, ask them – “What do YOU DO when THIS happens?”


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