The Soundtrack & Process to selecting MUSIC for your party!

Typically, the playlist comes from the guests requests and a small Do & Don’t list put together by the bride & groom/ party hosts.  All events are different making each soundtrack unique.

Once dancing begins, each event requires approximately 60-70 songs that will essentially be your events dance mix over the final 3-4 hours of your reception/ party.  This does not include your cocktail hour or dinner music mix.  Cocktail hour should be upbeat and energetic.  Dinner music should be more subtle but not slow and boring.  My recommendation is changing up the genres of music between the two segments of the party to change tempo and hit on a wider range of musical tastes.  Dinner music should also include recognizable songs (maybe of the hosts choice) that will facilitate the energy direction of your party.  Here’s an example.

Cocktail Hour – Standards such as Sinatra, Martin, Buble’,  Connick Jr., Torme, Bennett, Darin, etc. are always great for a classy event.

Dinner Music – Switch up the tempo with Classic Rock or Motown hits of a medium or slower tone.  These are songs that are also recognizable classics for your guests.  In addition, add some of the hosts favorites too at this time.  If they are enjoying themselves, the guests will notice and that energy is contagious.

Below are some additional thoughts and ideas that should give some guidance

In no particular order,  I always recommend the top 3-5 most popular current songs.  Your guests will be familiar with these tracks and should feel comfortable dancing to them.   Popular dance music hits from the last 5 years (Party Rock, DJ Got Us Falling In Love, Blurred Lines, etc.) also works very well.  Classics from all eras such as Motown, Oldies, 80’s & 90’s etc. will round out the mix and fulfill most of your guests musical tastes.   Don’t forget too that your guests will appreciate some select specialty dances as well (Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Hustle, etc.).

What songs will ABSOLUTELY get you to the dance floor?  What are some of your favorite groups, bands or artists?  What are some songs that your friends like to dance to?




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