Back 2 Back!

Big shout out to all the bride and grooms who allow me the opportunity to be a part of their day AND give an honest review AFTER on Wedding Wire! Now, it’s time to work for the 3-Peat in 2017!



Please Pivot!

Ever have someone say to you “What are you going to do if THIS happens?”

Well, THIS has happened at many events in my 18 year professional DJ career. Please understand that THIS doesn’t always mean a negative thing. At a recent wedding reception, the Groom decided to move the outdoor wedding ceremony to an indoor location 5 minutes before the start time…with everyone seated.

The lead wedding planner says to me “There is a threat of rain and we need to move fast.” Electronic equipment and water traditionally have not a good relationship. Time to PIVOT!! I grabbed two guests and asked them politely to help me move. Within 10 minutes, the ceremony commenced and the rain came pouring down. Great intuition by the groom. He made his first GREAT decision of his married life.

The indoor location already had the main DJ setup for the evening. What made the transition smooth is that I had three back up wedding playlists. On my phone, kindle and a created Serato folder was the same lineup of ceremony songs. I create 3 for every wedding in case THIS happens.

Pivoting can also be used when trying to fill the dance floor, adjusting timeline for those long (and I mean REAL LONG) speeches or even excusing tables on the fly for dinner. It is a critical aspect of what I (the DJ) does to facilitate a smooth flowing event.

So, before you hire your DJ, ask them – “What do YOU DO when THIS happens?”


Shows in different area codes!

Last weekend (Saturday Night), I had the honor and privilege to DJ a friends wedding ceremony and reception at the Warwick Allerton in Chicago (312). The guests danced all night at the reception and it was a fantastic opportunity to work with some new vendors in a great city. The next morning, I traveled back to Metro Detroit for a wedding reception in Ann Arbor, MI (734). This party also had a great amount of upbeat energy especially for a Sunday evening reception!! As the 2015 wedding season wraps up, I have many upcoming events all over the State of Michigan including Metro Detroit (313), East Lansing (517), Grand Rapids (616) & Holland (231).

In the past, I have performed at events in Cleveland, OH (216) and Las Vegas, NV (702). Typically, I travel with my equipment if the driving distance is within reason. I will also include a travel fee in the event price and take care of my own lodging arrangements.

When booking a Las Vegas type event or alternative destination wedding, travel arrangements must be planned with extreme efficiency. Several additional factors also come into play when booking an event this far from home. Below is an example how one past client and I worked together to make the process seamless.


*Clients agreed on fee for the event service/travel/lodging, signed an agreement with Lawton Lunce Mobile Entertainment

*Arrangements were agreed upon for the weekend. Lodging, flight and DJ arrival was scheduled early two days prior to the event date in case of any flight delays (weather, etc.)

*Clients booked an initial round trip flight for me 6 months prior to the event date. Together we met with a local production company

*Lighting and equipment were secured with the local production company. They agreed to setup the sound system and lighting the night before the event date at the venue so I may test and verify all equipment is functioning properly. A continuity plan is also established for backup equipment and devices (i.e. In the case of renting 2 powered speakers: If one powered speaker isn’t functioning the night of the event, the other can fully provide enough sound for the venue).

*Equipment is setup and tested the night before the wedding reception. Lighting is also tested.

*I DJ’d the event on the agreed date and completed our agreement. Production crew retrieved their equipment and completed their agreement.

Your entertainment choice is extremely important for your special day! I would welcome the opportunity to help you with the planning of your destination event. Click on the RESERVE NOW tab and fill out the RESERVATION FORM to inquire about availability for your date!


Lawton Lunce

17 Years and Counting…

It continues to be an awesome journey! Drew & Allison’s wedding in Ann Arbor this past weekend marked the 17th anniversary as a “Professional DJ.” It was an amazing event and party!! My first wedding reception (professional event) was May 1st, 1998. Time has flown and I am blessed to have been along for the ride. The 18th wedding season is officially underway!! I sincerely appreciate all of the upcoming opportunities.

I hope to see you at the party!

Lawton Lunce

The wait is over!!

The 2015 wedding season began for Lawton Lunce Mobile Entertainment last night in Plymouth, Michigan at The Inn at St. Johns! There are still a few weekend dates left open in October and November for any Michigan brides looking for entertainment at their wedding reception. Lawton Lunce will travel anywhere especially in our great state! Click on the Reserve Now tab for more info.

Each and every Wednesday night, I am booked through the end of 2015 at Mad Hatter Pub in Commerce Twp. MI. I am also booked on select Friday’s at the Pub for Karaoke. I hope to see you there!

Here’s to a fun filled 2015!


Lawton Lunce

The Soundtrack & Process to selecting MUSIC for your party!

Typically, the playlist comes from the guests requests and a small Do & Don’t list put together by the bride & groom/ party hosts.  All events are different making each soundtrack unique.

Once dancing begins, each event requires approximately 60-70 songs that will essentially be your events dance mix over the final 3-4 hours of your reception/ party.  This does not include your cocktail hour or dinner music mix.  Cocktail hour should be upbeat and energetic.  Dinner music should be more subtle but not slow and boring.  My recommendation is changing up the genres of music between the two segments of the party to change tempo and hit on a wider range of musical tastes.  Dinner music should also include recognizable songs (maybe of the hosts choice) that will facilitate the energy direction of your party.  Here’s an example.

Cocktail Hour – Standards such as Sinatra, Martin, Buble’,  Connick Jr., Torme, Bennett, Darin, etc. are always great for a classy event.

Dinner Music – Switch up the tempo with Classic Rock or Motown hits of a medium or slower tone.  These are songs that are also recognizable classics for your guests.  In addition, add some of the hosts favorites too at this time.  If they are enjoying themselves, the guests will notice and that energy is contagious.

Below are some additional thoughts and ideas that should give some guidance

In no particular order,  I always recommend the top 3-5 most popular current songs.  Your guests will be familiar with these tracks and should feel comfortable dancing to them.   Popular dance music hits from the last 5 years (Party Rock, DJ Got Us Falling In Love, Blurred Lines, etc.) also works very well.  Classics from all eras such as Motown, Oldies, 80’s & 90’s etc. will round out the mix and fulfill most of your guests musical tastes.   Don’t forget too that your guests will appreciate some select specialty dances as well (Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Hustle, etc.).

What songs will ABSOLUTELY get you to the dance floor?  What are some of your favorite groups, bands or artists?  What are some songs that your friends like to dance to?




The NEW site for Lawton Lunce Mobile Entertainment

When department or grocery stores remodel, they usually feature signs that say something to the effect of “pardon our dust.”  My feature sign states “PARDON MY HACKERS.”  The site is finally up and running after being knocked out by a Malware Gang.   I’ll be continuously making improvements in the coming weeks.  🙂

In the meantime, if you are interested in booking or availability please click on the Reservation Form link above and provide your name, email address and date of your event.  Feel free to provide any additional information as well.  Below is a list of 31 different types of events that I have performed at since 2011 alone.

Wedding Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Holiday Party

Silent Auction
5K Fund Raiser
Labor Day Party

(Landmark) 50th Birthday
Golf Outing

Karaoke Host
4th of July Party
Graduation (College & HS)

Senior All Night Party
“Adult” Prom
High School Prom

St. Patricks Day – Bar
Halloween Party

New Years Eve
Dinner Party
Class Reunion

Cocktail Party
Sweet 16
Back To School

Basketball/ Football PA & DJ
Elementary School Family Night
Housewarming Party

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony                                                                                      Hair Salon Ladies Night
Anniversary Party

You may also email or post on the Lawton Lunce Mobile Entertainment Facebook Page.

Thank you,